February 2, 2022

Analysis & Opinions

March 2023: DUKE TODAY – “Securing the Final Frontier: Duke’s Space Diplomacy Lab
Lab launched in 2022 aims to ensure science has a seat in discussions about regulating human activity in outer space.” – Steve Hartsoe  
June 2022: HARVARD INTERNATIONAL REVIEW – “The Future of Space Diplomacy: Interview with Dr. Benjamin L. Schmitt
KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGESJanuary 2022: FOREIGN POLICY – “2022 is the Year for a Space Summit” – W. Robert Pearson/Benjamin L. Schmitt



December 2021: CEPA – “Trashing the Neighborhood: Russia’s Reckless Space Weapons Tests” – Benjamin L. Schmitt



November 2021: CEPA – “Earth’s Destructive Tumbling Stars” – Benjamin L. Schmitt



June 2021: CEPA – “Space, the (Increasingly Congested) Final Frontier” – Benjamin L. Schmitt



May 2021: FOREIGN POLICY – “The Crisis in Space” – W. Robert Pearson/Benjamin L. Schmitt