Underwater Noise Pollution: A Growing Problem

As oceanographic noise pollution rises, there is a growing concern for the stress it places on marine life, as well as for rising trends in the amount of noise pollution caused by industry and anthropogenic, or human-caused, sound. Because of the nature of sound in the ocean, noise pollution and, more broadly, the soundscape in […]

Noise Pollution: Causes, Consequences, and Prevention

What do people think of when they hear the term “noise?” Do they see it as a pollutant, or do they just overlook it and believe that it is an unavoidable part of everyday life? Environmental noise has traditionally been dismissed as being inevitable and has not been seen as potentially detrimental to human health […]

Noise: The Choice to Ignore the Logical Solution

Sounds surround us. Escaping them is nearly impossible, and the effects they have on us is shocking. Yet, so few people know the true toll that noise has on us. There exists a clear distinction between sound and noise. Noise is not just sound, but unnecessary sound, sound that annoys or distracts people from the things […]

Noise Pollution: The Silent Assassin

Many people in the modern-day era stress the prevention of pollution in order to protect the environment. The types of pollution that are widely known to society mainly consist of air, water, and land pollution. This list of commonly known pollutants, however, doesn’t include noise pollution. One may ask: what even is noise pollution? Asking […]