A Note on Thoughts: Striking a Chord in Behavioral Acoustics

The vulnerabilities of the human mind have deep ties to the realm of human hearing and shed light on the inner workings of the human subconscious. Behavior is a multifaceted concept that can be divided into three core parts – emotion, decision-making, and performance. Although closely related, these three aspects lie on separate parts of the reaction […]

From Dr. Dre to J. Cole: The Art of Sample-Based Hip-Hop

Travel back 16 years to 1999 when one of the most influential figures in the American hip-hop scene released The Aftermath, a groundbreaking album that sold over 6.6 million units in four years. Number 23 on Billboard’s Hot 100 at the time, “The Next Episode” featured on Andrew ‘Dr. Dre’ Young’s album sunk itself so […]

The Marriage of Music and Medicine

Music is unavoidable. Like Daniel J. Levitin stated in his book, “This is Your Brain on Music”, music is unusual among all human activities for both its ubiquity and its antiquity (Levitin, 2006). Music is deeply rooted. The oldest artifacts found in human excavation sites are musical instruments. Music is also all encompassing. It can […]

A Rare Genetic Disorder and What It Tells Us About Music

Introduction In this study, I investigate the intersection of the fields of music and neuroscience. This is a widely explored subject, but its incredible depth leaves much to be studied. Music has connections to intelligence, cognition, development, language, emotion, mental disorders, and many more neural processes, however, I focus on the relationship music has with […]

Sound Art: The Listening Experience

Sound Art In the last few decades, the term sound art has arisen within both the musical and artistic communities through an avant-garde use of sound to incentivize its interpretation. Components of Sound The unsuspecting acoustic environment supplies the medium for sound art. As all sounds in an environment collectively compose a soundscape of the acoustic […]

The Power and Emotion of Music

How connected do you feel to music? Music is innate to humans, no known human culture has survived without some sort of music (Levitin). Music can be an extremely powerful object, but what makes music have such a dominant presence in all of humans’ lives? After all music is just sound waves traveling through the […]

The Pseudoscientific World of Plant Music

When beginning to explore the concept of soundscapes, the idea of plants listening to music is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, plants and animals are inherently impacted by the sonic landscape created by both nature and humans. Yet this idea of plants being affected by music is something regarded […]

Understanding Music Therapy through relationship between music and emotion

Music Therapy Music therapy is one of the most widely known and prevalently used forms of art therapy. Music therapy is defined to be the use of music to achieve goals within a therapeutic relationship [1]. Recently, several institutes, including American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), have highlighted that music therapy should strictly be clinical, evidence-based, […]

Mozart and Memory

  The Importance of Music Music develops culture. It is an critical part of human development that has shaped the way we interact and think. Over the millions of years of human development, all ethnicities, religions and cultures have used music to enhance the experience of ceremonies, memorials, celebrations and leisure. Music can excite people […]