Evolution of Acoustic Spaces and Communication: Then and Now

When thoughts of the past arise, the general trend that follows is a world imagined in a pall of silence. However, as sound studies grew in volume, this notion has been successfully challenged. Earcons, sonic events whose symbolic meaning rests upon repeated exposure help people connect the present the past providing context to the sound […]

Alternative Experimental Music, Minorities and Counterculture

The interdependence of experimental electronic music with minority groups and urban countercultural movements. A large debate has been airing around the transcendent nature of contemporary progressive electronic music and its subversive impact on present day musical and cultural scenes. The discussion of revolutionary aspects of ambient and striking sounds in modern day avant-garde experimental electronic […]

Issues Among Animal Communication

  I’ve always thought that animals communicate similarly to the way humans communicate: one speaks, the other listens, the other responds. As a high school student, I often would find myself in the woods trying simply to escape from my reality and its stresses. Consequently, I found myself constantly listening to the different and fascinating […]

A Moment of Transcendence: A Study of Music and the Church

Introduction: Over the past decade, music has become a huge part of human culture. “Gangnam Style” was the first music video to reach over 1 billion views, which initially broke the YouTube view counter. The song not only received much success on YouTube, but also stocks for PSY’s company skyrocketed in anticipation for his next […]

The Pseudoscientific World of Plant Music

When beginning to explore the concept of soundscapes, the idea of plants listening to music is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, plants and animals are inherently impacted by the sonic landscape created by both nature and humans. Yet this idea of plants being affected by music is something regarded […]