Baseball: How Fan Noise Affects Player Performance

The brain has many abilities that allow us to function and perform actions at top level. Short-term plasticity refers to the brain’s ability to hear something, know the reaction, and learn from that. Iiro P. Jääskeläinen (2007) states in her article that “This could support auditory sensory memory, pre-attentive detection of sound novelty, enhanced perception […]

A Rare Genetic Disorder and What It Tells Us About Music

Introduction In this study, I investigate the intersection of the fields of music and neuroscience. This is a widely explored subject, but its incredible depth leaves much to be studied. Music has connections to intelligence, cognition, development, language, emotion, mental disorders, and many more neural processes, however, I focus on the relationship music has with […]

Understanding Music Therapy through relationship between music and emotion

Music Therapy Music therapy is one of the most widely known and prevalently used forms of art therapy. Music therapy is defined to be the use of music to achieve goals within a therapeutic relationship [1]. Recently, several institutes, including American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), have highlighted that music therapy should strictly be clinical, evidence-based, […]

Mozart and Memory

  The Importance of Music Music develops culture. It is an critical part of human development that has shaped the way we interact and think. Over the millions of years of human development, all ethnicities, religions and cultures have used music to enhance the experience of ceremonies, memorials, celebrations and leisure. Music can excite people […]