Duke’s Freshman Laundry Rooms: Improving Sonic Aesthetics

The laundry rooms of Duke University’s East Campus dorms are, you might agree, a curious kind of space. We have agreed as a culture that the sounds of washing and drying machines are unwelcome additions to our residential soundscapes. Even after a century of industrial engineering, the automation of soaking, spinning, and drying clothes still […]

Reflections of Duke Through Soundscape Composition

A month ago, I read an article by Peter Cusack entitled “Interpreting the Soundscape” that offers a critical review and track by track analysis of the compilation album Noises Off: Sound Beyond Music. The album itself contains a diverse set of soundscape compositions, while the article aims to discern societal clues from the sounds (2006, […]

Auditory Environments in Basketball and Rowing

In prestigious college athletics, spectators and fans often fail to consider the full range of factors that can shape the athletes’ performance. A game, race, swing, or other such competition is a complex environment, with many different stimuli determining the outcome. A big part of this is the soundscape, or auditory environment. These can differ […]

A Natural Calm

  Have you ever had a stressful day where everything seems to be going wrong? How have you improved your mood? Did you talk to a family member, exercise, or did nothing help? A very effective way to improve mood is to surround yourself in a natural environment, whether it be sitting on a bench […]