The Effectiveness of Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy in Medicine

The relationship between human and sound carries an internal connection that affects the development of a person both physically and psychologically. From the beginning of human existence, sound has been a crucial tool in the survival of man. As an admonition of nearby predators, sound’s primary use for people was a reminder to escape. However, […]

Evolution of Acoustic Spaces and Communication: Then and Now

When thoughts of the past arise, the general trend that follows is a world imagined in a pall of silence. However, as sound studies grew in volume, this notion has been successfully challenged. Earcons, sonic events whose symbolic meaning rests upon repeated exposure help people connect the present the past providing context to the sound […]

Duke’s Freshman Laundry Rooms: Improving Sonic Aesthetics

The laundry rooms of Duke University’s East Campus dorms are, you might agree, a curious kind of space. We have agreed as a culture that the sounds of washing and drying machines are unwelcome additions to our residential soundscapes. Even after a century of industrial engineering, the automation of soaking, spinning, and drying clothes still […]

Bioacoustics: Communication and Conservation

Bioacoustics. Nature has been playing symphonies since long before man discovered ‘music’. They resonate through landscapes and urban cities all around the world to remind us that we aren’t alone. The variety of sounds, from the rustle of the leaves to the call of the Langurs, produced in different ways, convey their own unique meanings. This […]

Underwater Noise Pollution: A Growing Problem

As oceanographic noise pollution rises, there is a growing concern for the stress it places on marine life, as well as for rising trends in the amount of noise pollution caused by industry and anthropogenic, or human-caused, sound. Because of the nature of sound in the ocean, noise pollution and, more broadly, the soundscape in […]

Alternative Experimental Music, Minorities and Counterculture

The interdependence of experimental electronic music with minority groups and urban countercultural movements. A large debate has been airing around the transcendent nature of contemporary progressive electronic music and its subversive impact on present day musical and cultural scenes. The discussion of revolutionary aspects of ambient and striking sounds in modern day avant-garde experimental electronic […]

A Note on Thoughts: Striking a Chord in Behavioral Acoustics

The vulnerabilities of the human mind have deep ties to the realm of human hearing and shed light on the inner workings of the human subconscious. Behavior is a multifaceted concept that can be divided into three core parts – emotion, decision-making, and performance. Although closely related, these three aspects lie on separate parts of the reaction […]

The Power of Sounds in Advertising

You’re watching your favorite television series when, once again, it goes to commercial break. You reach for your iPhone and start scrolling through your emails, occasionally checking Instagram or Twitter. Commercials all seem to blur together, not deserving of your attention. Suddenly, as you open that new text message, the Star Wars theme song plays […]

Squirrels and Their Reaction to Different Soundscape Pieces

Animal habitats were created as far back in time as we can remember and exist in numerous places on Earth today. Over time, these habitats have undergone severe changes with human creations taking over nature. As humans, we develop and grow and as we grow so does our society. We thrive for bigger and better. But is […]