The collective thinking coming out of the conference and a Francophone Digital Humanities project is taking shape as a collection of essays, Creating is Remembering, Remembering is Creating: Fiction and Memory in a French Vein.

 Focusing on fifteenth-century hand-made books of poetry and narrative, contributors examine the fictionalizing work of memory. Reflections on poetic rituals; studies of the long- and short-term recollection of Joan of Arc; inquiries into an anthology manuscript as a mutating medium—talked about, tabulated, photographed, digitized.

This set of essays is the fruit of multi-lingual, international exchange among: Nathalie Koble (ENS-Paris), Sylvie Lefèvre (Paris Sorbonne), Deborah McGrady (UVA), Amandine Mussou (Paris-Diderot) Tessa Nunn (Duke), Mathias Sieffert (Harvard), Jane Taylor (Durham), and Helen Solterer (Duke).

Image:   Kyle Wilkinson