The Wine Industry

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The Highlights

Looking at the data presented in the pages above, a number of trends can be found. First, we can see that the top three countries in the world are all Old World wine producing countries (France, Italy, and Spain).  However, we can also see that these three countries (with the exception of France, who has remained relatively stable but isn’t expected to see significant growth over the next few years) are losing market value as years progress.  Lastly, we can highlight that the exact opposite is true of the New World wine producing countries (United States, China, and Australia): these countries are seeing growth, and tremendous growth at that.

Consequently, we can conclude that the future of wine production lies within those countries that produce primarily New World wine; a consumer preference for New World wine has made its mark on the market value for producers. Thus, we haven’t necessarily seen a shift in production from well developed economies to developing economies since 2000; rather, we have seen a shift in market value in terms of production from the traditional wine producing countries to the New world countries. Although the Old World countries are still producing the most wine, they aren’t necessarily producing the most valuable wine.  The market has shifted its value to prioritize the New world wine makers.

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