Social Makers Lab

For many people across Duke — students, faculty, and staff — social media is more than just entertainment or coursework. They’re also passionate about social media content creation. And, in many cases, creating content for social media is an integral part of their professional development. To help support any individuals, teams, and organizations across the entire Duke community who are actively developing, building, maintaining, and/or growing their online audiences by leveraging one or more social media platform, and to also help people interested in learning to expand their professional social media profiles, Social Media Studies @ Duke sponsors and supports the Duke Social Makers Lab.

The Social Makers Lab is, in part, a community of social media makers interested in sharing tips, tricks, and advice on how to grow and manage social audiences. The Social Makers Lab also supports a collection of resources, services, and spaces that social content creators can use to develop content.

Current and Past Projects Developed in the Social Makers Lab include:

Crowdsourced Health

A Bass Connections project that attempt to bridge the gap between patients and potentially life-saving research by exploring ways research can be transmitted, sourced and augmented by new media technologies.

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TBD: Technology By Design

A podcast devoted to exploring the tech industry, the products and policy decisions that shape it, and its impact on our everyday lives. Join Matt Perault, the director of the Center of Science & Technology Policy at Duke University, as he hosts guests from all corners of the industry: everyone from tech experts and policy gurus, to local business owners who are using social media to promote their brands. TBD is tackling the industry from every angle.

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An online publication featuring the stories and voices of Duke student athletes created, promoted, and supported by fellow Duke students.

Stories We Sell: Crafting Public Persona from Walt Whitman to Billie Eilish

A traveling art installation using the lens of social media, and, specifically, Instagram, to provide a historical context for fame and celebrity that can be traced from 19-th century literary influencers to modern day social media superstars.

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