Co-Curricular Programs

While curricular programs are specifically designed for students interested in pursuing coursework related to social media, co-curricular programs facilitated and sponsored by Social Media Studies are available for students who aren’t able to enroll in classes but still want guided academic experiences and support for working with, studying, and exploring social media. In addition, many co-curricular programs — such as speakers, conferences, and working groups — are also available to all members or the Duke community including staff and faculty.

Current co-curricular programs includes:

Creator Conversations

Creator Conversations is regular speaker series supported by Social Media Studies in collaboration with partners across the university. Each semester, Creator Conversations brings in experts, thought leaders, and experienced content creators in the social media industry to share their experiences and knowledge with students, faculty, and staff interested in learning from the leaders in the field.

“Brand of You”

The Social Media Studies program has developed a series of workshops and offerings to help support students maintaining public personas for personal and/or professional reasons — e.g. student athletes, actors, authors, etc. — as they grapple with the challenges of being public figures and maintaining a public persona.

Social Marketers Conference

An annual, one-day, in-depth  conference for all Duke community members to learn about the latest strategies and best practices for building online audiences.

Social Media Doctors (sMDs)

A working group for medical professionals learning to leverage social media as a tool to expand their research and medical practice.