The Soccer Analytics Revolution

As technology advances and more teams begin harnessing the power of data and metrics to gain a competitive edge, soccer clubs have not been exempt from the pattern. While the nature of soccer is not as conducive to advanced statistics as baseball, for example, that has not prevented companies from offering their consulting services or analysts from developing novel metrics.

Using this site, we hope to trace soccer analytics from their beginnings in the form of scribbled pitch diagrams by an Englishman to their current state, providing information on technologies and metrics that are changing the way teams think about soccer.

In January 2020, the MLS and U.S. Soccer took a major stride in overhauling player development by partnering with Stats Perform as their global data provider. The partnership will provide the MLS and U.S. Soccer access to the same information when tracking player development, starting as low as the 16U level. In addition to bolstering the analytical capabilities, the deal will provide a new revenue stream for the organizations. The in-game data feeds can be licensed by sports betting operators, transforming the betting market for American soccer as well. Throughout this section, we’ll break down some of the technological and analytical advances provided by Stats Perform.