Related Efforts

SNCF is not the only organization trying to match academic interests with public policy and political issues. Throughout the country, educators and activists are coming together to exchange ideas and experiences in efforts to inform policy decisions.

  • North Carolina Conference of the American Association of University Professors
    The AAUP is a network of faculty and academic professionals, organized into campus-based chapters and state conferences and backed up by national and field staff. The AAUP’s strength and promise is in our members. A state conference is formed when several chapters in a state decide to work together to advance AAUP policies and goals. Through a state conference, existing chapters are able to have more influence statewide and new chapters find the support and guidance they need closer to home. On campus, AAUP chapters advocate for faculty rights and interests at an institutional level.
  • Scholars Strategy Network
    The Scholars Strategy Network brings together many of America’s leading scholars to address pressing public challenges at the national, state, and local levels. As progressive-minded citizens, SSN members spell out the democratic and policy implications of their research in ways that are broadly accessible. SSN members engage in consultations with policymakers in Washington DC and state capitals. They make regular contributions to the media and share research findings with journalists and bloggers. SSN scholars are also committed to working closely with advocates and leaders of citizen associations to come to better understandings of the nation’s social and political challenges.

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