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Volume 7, Fall 2017 


Declining Gender Wage Inequality: More Variation Exists among Cohorts of Women than among States
by Anne Kruse

How the Supreme Court Made the Freedom of Speech More Free
by Monica Coscia

Innocence Lost: The Impact of Armed Conflict on Colombian Children
by Nathalia Aguirre-Castro, Fabio A. Naranjo, and Dr. Mark Smith


VOLUME 6 NO. 1, winter 2015

Vol 6 No 1 cover, half


“Military Sexual Assault: Reporting and Rape Culture”
by Gabrielle Lucero (cite)

“Local Governments and the Management of Resources Generated by Extractive Industries in Peru” 
by Maria Luisa Vasquez (cite)


Volume 5 No. 2, Spring 2014

Vol 5 No 2 cover


“Why America Needs a Counterstory to ‘Choice as the Last Civil Right'”
by Shelby Eden Dawkins-Law (cite)

“Risk Tradeoff Analysis, Public Opinion and Nuclear Safety: A Spanish Case Study”
by Xiao Recio-Blanco (cite)

“Toward a Redefinition of the U.S. Sweatshop”
by Jacqueline Hayes (cite)


Volume 5 No. 1, Winter 2014

Front cover (large)


“Access to Medicine Index: Can a global scorecard framework increase access to essential medicines in developing countries?”
by Jamie Attard (cite)

“County Costs and Funding in North Carolina’s Electronic Recycling Program”
by Rachel Leven (cite)


Volume 4, 2013

SJPP Volume 4 2013


“F” is for Foreclosed: The Effects of the Housing Crash on NC Student Achievement
by Walker Swain (cite)

Incentivizing Responsible Small-Dollar Lending in Low-Income Communities
by Megha Bansal (cite)

Negotiating Online Privacy Boundaries: Self-Revelation in the Facebook Generation
by Katherine Bies (cite)

Recommendations for Migrant Labor Reform in Qatar: Fulfilling a U.S. Foreign Policy Objective of Greater Respect for Human Rights In Gulf Cooperation Council Countries
by Kharmika Tillery (cite)

Gideon’s Bullhorn: Sounding a Louder, Clearer Call for a Civil Right to Counsel
by Jonathan D. Kelley (cite)

The Lens of Law Enforcement: A Geospatial Statistical Program Evaluation of Denver’s HALO Camera Surveillance System
by John Papazian (cite)


Volume 3, 2012


The Feasibility and Future of Social Impact Bonds in the United States
by Beth Bafford (cite)

To Disburse or Not to Disburse? Strengthening the World Bank’s Response to Revolutions and Coups d’Etat
by Georgia Harley (cite)

High Quality New Molecular Entities: Externalities in the Pharmaceutical Industry
by Alex Hartzman (cite)

Health Information Exchanges: Potential for Unprecedented Public Health Applications
by Arijit Paul (cite)


Volume 2, 2011


Mexico’s Militarized Anti-Drug Policy: Understanding Its Origins Through Examination of Institutional Legacies, Democratization, and Public Opinion
by Katherine Michaud (cite)

Does Privatization Lead to Benign Outcomes? A Case Study of India
by Kumar V. Pratap (cite)

Bringing in the Peri-Urban Poor: Options for Expanding Mexico City’s Transportation Network
by Sophia Cristina Peters (cite)

Reforming Public Education: Implementing Lessons from the Non-Profit Sector During Times of Economic Turmoil
by William Smith and David Lange (cite)


Jim Johnson, Dealing with a State Budget Crisis
by Gray Wilson (cite)

Book Reviews

Waiting For “Superman”: How We Can Save America’s Failing Public Schools
by Laura Howard (cite)

Fresh Medicine: How to Fix Reform and Build a Sustainable Health Care System
by Jesse O. Hale, Jr. (cite)


Volume 1, 2010


From Welfare-to-Work to Child Wellbeing: Shifting Focus in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program
by Kristy Marynak (cite)

Crisis at the Polls: Restoring Democracy in Zimbabwe
by Daniel B. Kobayashi (cite)

Alternative Responses to Climate Change: An Inquiry into Geoengineering
by Aaron Ray (cite)

Responding to Teacher Attrition: An Analysis of Risk Factors in the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program
by Alesha Daughtrey (cite)


Bernice Friedlander, President of Chapter 282 of the National Treasury Employees Union
by Gwen M. Tobert (cite)

Book Reviews

Resilient Cities: Responding to Peak Oil & Climate Change
by Trey Akers (cite)

The Next American Century: How the U.S. Can Thrive as Other Powers Rise
by Meaghan Monfort (cite)