Congratulations to the entire lab for their recently published paper in June of 2024! A special shout out goes out to Danhui Ma for bringing this work across the finish line. Titled “Breast cancer exploits neural signaling pathways for bone-to-meninges metastasis,” the project was based on several years of research and collaboration, and was published in Science!

Congratulations to Dr. Andy Whiteley on successfully defending his dissertation in April 2023. Titled “The Circuitous Journey of Cancer Cells to the Leptomeninges,” his talk is representative of all of his hard work from these past years. We’re excited for all that he’ll achieve as he moves onto the next leg of his journey in San Diego!

Congratulations to Kathleen Marsh, a previous lab manager of ours, who recently matched into the radiology residency program at UCSF after attending Wake Forest School of Medicine! We look forward to her journey and all that she will accomplish.

Saying a warm goodbye to Dr. Eunjoo Kang, a visiting scholar from Korea University Guro Hospital. We loved having her here for the year and wish her all the best upon her return!

Congratulations to our lab manager, Katie Xu, who is attending Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in the fall. Best of luck to her and all that she will accomplish in medical school!

Congratulations to the lab on their publication in Leukemia and Lymphoma! Pan-PI3Ki targets multiple B-ALL microenvironment interactions that fuel systemic and CNS relapse

Congratulations to the lab on their Perspective being published in Nature Reviews Cancer! Leukaemia: a model metastatic disease.

Congratulations to Dr. Sipkins, Dr. Islam, and the Sipkins lab on the launch of their window of opportunity clinical trial evaluating biological markers of leukemia response following a single dose of copanlasib treatment in patients with R/R B-ALL. NCT04803123.

Congratulations to Dr. Sipkins, Dr. Marcom, and the Sipkins lab on the launch of their clinical trial for hormone receptor positive breast cancer patients whose disease has spread to the bone! The Duke Cancer Institute published an article about the trial and the work Dr. Sipkins and Dr. Marcom have done.

Dr. Sipkins addressing the audience at the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer kickoff event on August 22, 2019.


Amgen Scholar, Janel Sowers from New Mexico State University, presents her summer research project on July 26, 2019.

Congratulations to Dr. Andrew Murray for receiving the Duke CTSA TL1 Post-Doctoral Fellowship

The News & Observer and Science Daily provide news coverage of our recent manuscript in Nature

Congratulations to the lab for our research being chosen for the webpage cover of the journal, Nature

Webpage cover on July 18, 2018 of Nature

Congratulations for the lab for their recent publication in Nature!

Congratulations to the team following our research being chosen for the cover of the journal, Blood


Cover of Volume 121, Issue 24 of Blood

Congratulations to the team after making it to the cover of Science Translational Medicine


Cover of Volume 8, Issue 340 of Science Translational Medicine

The Independent and The Telegraph provide news coverage of our recent manuscript in Science Translational Medicine

Dr. Allen Mask and the WRAL news team visit the lab to interview Dr. Sipkins about our recent work on breast cancer metastasis to the bone (read more)

Jun 8 2016 - WRAL video caption

Click image to watch video

Maggie Newland from CBS North Carolina interviews Dr. Sipkins and the team about our breast cancer metastasis studies (read more)

Dr. Hisayuki Yao awarded at the Duke Cancer Institute Annual Scientific retreat in recognition of his work on Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (read more)

Congratulations to Hisa upon being awarded an Abstract Achievement Award at the 58th American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting and Exposition (ASH abstract)

Congratulations to Dr. Sipkins upon being named to the Duke Health Scholars Program (read more)