• Our perspective in Science is out on new mechanisms of gliogenesis! June, 2021
  • Congrats to Lydia Lin on her BS Graduation with Distinction in Neuroscience, now off to MSTP. We will miss you! May, 2021
  • Congrats to Annalise Bracher on her BS Graduation with Distinction in Biology, now off to SENS postbac fellowship. We will miss you! May, 2021
  • Our preview article about organoids, neuroepithelial progenitors and cortical evolution is out in Cell! Congrats Jing! April, 2021
  • Welcome Federica Mosti, CMB PhD student, to our lab! March, 2021
  • Debby is interviewed on the Podcast, Scientific Sense! Learn more about neurogenesis. Jan, 2021
  • Our lab is awarded a joint R01 with the Sherr and Floor labs at UCSF to support our studies of DDX3X. Thanks NINDS! Jan, 2021


  • Our preview article about cortical evolution is out in Current Biology! Congrats Bianca! Nov, 2020
  • Our new review on translational control of progenitor cell fates is out in Current Opinion in Neurobiology! Congrats Mariah! Nov, 2020
  • Our new review on RNA localization in the nervous system is out in Traffic! Congrats Brooke! Nov, 2020
  • Congratulations to Jing Liu, who was awarded a Ruth K. Broad fellowship to support her postdoc studies! July, 2020
  • Welcome Abby Poff, DSCB PhD student, to our lab! June, 2020
  • Our book chapter is published in Patterning and Cell Type Specification in the Developing CNS and PNS (Second Edition)
    Comprehensive Developmental Neuroscience! Congrats Fernando! June, 2020
  • Our paper on prolonged mitosis and cell fate specification is published in Developmental Neuroscience! June, 2020
  • Our collaborative paper with the Xiling lab in Science illustrating a novel method for visualizing embryonic development in uteroApril, 2020
  • Congratulations to our newest graduate, Dr. Aaron Mitchell-Dick on successfully defending his PhD! March, 2020
  • Our collaborative paper with the Sherr lab is published in Neuron discovering new mutations in the RNA binding protein DDX3X in neurodevelopmental disease and interrogating developmental and disease mechanisms! March, 2020
  • The lab welcomes new postdoc, Camila Musso! January, 2020
  • Our paper on Magoh’s role in interneuron development is published in Development! January, 2020


  • Debby gives symposium talk at Society for Neuroscience. October, 2019
  • Our lab is awarded a Holland-Trice award to study translation in the developing brain! September, 2019
  • Our lab is awarded its first R01 renewal from NINDS! September, 2019
  • Congratulations to LJ as he moves onto his independent Academic position at Sanford Research. We will miss LJ but are proud and sure his lab will make an outstanding impact in cortical development!  August, 2019
  • Congratulations Mariah on her F32, which funds her research on DDX3X! Well done on the first shot!  August, 2019
  • Wishing the best to Charlie as he leaves the lab to pursue a PhD in the Duke CMB program. We will miss you! July, 2019
  • Congrats to Bianca on passing her preliminary exam-now a PhD candidate!  Great job! May, 2019
  • Congratulations to LJ on accepting a new position at Sanford Research Institute! LJ will start his own research lab studying transcriptional and post-transcriptional control of cortical development! April, 2019
  • Welcome to Lucas Serdar as our newest Postdoctoral fellow!  Lucas is interested in mechanisms of translation in neural stem cells. April, 2019
  • Congratulations to Annalise Bracher for becoming an MGM Sure Fellow. This will fund Annalise’s summer research in the lab! April, 2019
  • We welcome Jing Liu to the lab as our newest Postdoctoral fellow! Jing will study cortical evolution and RNA localization. April, 2019
  • Congratulations to Charlie on accepting a position in the Duke CMB program where he will pursue a PhD! April, 2019
  • The lab is awarded an R21 from NIMH with co-investigator Kate Meyer to investigate the role of RNA modifications in RNA localization and translation in the developing brain! January, 2019


  • The lab is awarded an R01 from NINDS to study RNA localization and local translation in radial glia!  September, 2018
  • Congratulations to Fernando for a best postdoc talk award at the annual MGM retreat. Well done! September, 2018
  • Goodbye to Ashley! We wish you the best in your new position at CTSI. August, 2018
  • Debby is elected vice-chair for the GRC Neural Development meeting. Stay tuned for the meeting in 2 years! August, 2018
  • Our collaborative paper with the Jabaudon lab is out in Cell! July, 2018
  • Our collaborative paper with the Eroglu lab is out in JCBJuly, 2018.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Ashley Lennox on successfully defending her PhD! Great Job! June, 2018
  • Welcome our newest postdoctoral fellow, Mariah Hoye, to the lab! June, 2018
  • Congratulations to Fernando, on receiving a prestigious Ruke K. Broad Postdoctoral Fellowship! June, 2018
  • Congratulations to Mariah, on receiving a prestigious 2 year Duke Regeneration Next Postdoctoral Fellowship! April, 2018
  • Congratulations to Brooke for receiving a prestigious NSF Graduate Fellowship! April, 2018
  • Welcome 2 new graduate students! Brooke D’Arcy and Bianca Lupan!  March, 2018
  • Our collaborative paper with the Horner lab is out in Viruses! February, 2018.


  • Congrats Ashley and Fernando for awards at this year’s MGM retreat! Ashley won a best talk and Fernando won a best poster award! September, 2017.
  • Our review on RNA binding proteins and miRNAs in cortical development is out in Wires- Developmental Biology! August, 2017.
  • Goodbye to Jeremy Rouanet! Best wishes in your plans to pursue a career in Medicine!  July, 2017
  • Our review on RNA localization in neural stem cells is featured on the cover of FEBs Letters! Congrats LJ Pilaz! June, 2017
  • Goodbye to Caitlyn Mitchell, M.S.- We wish you the best in your new adventure in Genetic Counseling. June, 2017
  • Goodbye to John McMahon, Ph.D.-We wish you the best in your new position in Regulatory Science. June, 2017
  • Welcome new research technician, Charlie Sheehan, to the lab! June, 2017
  • Aaron is awarded an F31 fellowship from NINDS! Congrats to Aaron!! May, 2017
  • Debby is officially promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure!! May, 2017
  • Welcome new UPGG graduate student, Valerie Gartner, to the lab!!  May, 2017
  • Welcome new postdoctoral fellow, Fernando Cruz Alsina, to the lab!!  April, 2017
  • Debby is awarded a Hartwell Foundation Award for 3 year funding into how ZIKA infection causes microcephaly! April, 2017
  • Goodbye party to Emily- We wish you the best in your new position at DTRI! March, 2017
  • Congratulations to Dr. Emily Miller on successfully defending her PhD. Great job Emily! March, 2017
  • Our new paper on roles for EIF4A3 in craniofacial development and disease is online at Human Molecular Genetics!  March, 2017
  • Our study in Current Biology is featured on Faculty of 1000Prime! March, 2017
  • Our study in Neuron is featured on Faculty of 1000Prime! February, 2017
  • Watch an interview and seminar with Debby at Science Mission!  January, 2017
  • Research of lab postdoc Louis-Jan Pilaz is featured by Duke Regeneration Next! Congrats LJ! January, 2017
  • Our recent Current Biology is featured by the Simons Foundation focused on Autism research- spectrum News! January, 2017



  • Congratulations to Ashley and LJ for best poster and John for outstanding talk at the MGM Departmental retreat! September, 2015 
  • Our lab’s discovery of evolutionary divergent functions for HARE5 enhancer in brain development is the subject of a feature story in Science! July, 2015
  • Debby receives a two-year Ruth K Broad Scholar in the Neurosciences award to study RNA binding proteins in corticogenesis! July, 2015
  • Congratulations to Ashley for her award for best talk at the UPGG student retreat! May, 2015
  • Our work on enhancers in evolution is featured in Current Biology news and views articleMay, 2015
  • The Journal of Neuroscience publication describing requirement of Rbm8a in microcephaly! Our paper is featured on the cover and a preview in the same issue! May, 2015
  • Science Translational Medicine commentary on our Current Biology Paper! March, 2015
  • Listen to Debby discuss the Current Biology paper on NPRFebruary, 2015
  • Our Current Biology paper is featured in many news forums including National Geographic, Science, The Washington Post, NYTimes and the LA TimesFebruary, 2015
  • Current Biology publication from our lab describing role of a human-accelerated enhancer in corticogenesis!  February, 2015


  • Congratulations to Dr. Lomax Boyd. Lomax is the first newly minted PhD from the Silver lab! November, 2014
  • Congratulations to Ashley, for passing her prelim exam! October, 2014 See pictures here.
  • LJ is awarded “most visually appealing poster” at the Neurobiology Annual retreat! October, 2014
  • LJ is awarded one of the top talk awards  at the MGM Annual retreat! September, 2014
  • Emily is awarded one of the top poster awards at the MGM Annual retreat! September, 2014
  • JoVE video protocol for imaging and analyzing neural progenitor mitosis in brain slices published! June, 2014
  • Genesis publication reporting generation of Magoh conditional mouse! April, 2014
  • Ashley receives an honorable mention from NSF! April, 2014


  • Emily passes her Prelim exam! October, 2013 See pictures here.
  • Welcome new Postdoc John McMahon to the lab! July, 2013
  • Helen is awarded a fellowship from the American Heart Asssociation to help support her graduate studies! June, 2013
  • Welcome new grad student Ashley Lennox to the lab! May, 2013
  • Lab is awarded first R01! May, 2013
  • Lomax is awarded best talk at the UPGG Student Retreat! May, 2013
  • Lab receives Brain Research Foundation Pilot Grant to study role of RNA regulation in neural stem cells! May, 2013
  • Helen is awarded a Broad Research Award to help support her graduate studies! April, 2013
  • Emily is awarded an NSF graduate fellowship! March, 2013


  • Helen passes her Prelim exam!November, 2012, See pictures here.
  • Louis-Jan gets award for best postdoc talk at the MGM Annual retreat! September, 2012
  • Debby receives Holland-Trice Scholars Award to study genetic mechanisms regulating microcephaly! August, 2012
  • Lab receives DIBs Pilot Grant renewal to study genetic changes regulating brain development and evolution, and Lomax’s thesis! June, 2012


  • New lab begins! September, 2010