Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity Statement

The Silva lab is committed to provide a diverse, inclusive, and supportive environment for underrepresented minority groups. This view is fully supported by the Dean’s office and the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, in which excellence in Research, Teaching, and Service allied with excellence in Leadership and Mentoring can only be sustained by championing efforts in Diversity and Inclusion. Active and designed efforts in Diversity and Inclusion will allow us to:

  • Stimulate and share multiple ways of thinking, fostering creativity and innovation
  • Recruit talents from distinct groups
  • Exercise dialogue and respect among distinct groups
  • Value multiple stories and deconstruct stereotypes
  • Foster and advance leadership and mentoring
  • Represent the interests of multiple groups


List of diversity resources

Duke Graduate School

Duke Summer Research Opportunity Program

Research Financial Support

Affinity groups

Centers of Study & Research

Duke IDEALS Office (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Advancement, and Leadership in the Sciences)


Mary Lou William Center for Black Culture


The Black Book

NIH IMSD Program - BioCoRE


Chemistry Department


Office for Institutional Equity at Duke

Training and Workshops

Diversity Toolkit

Professional Societies (Minority Affairs Committees)

ASBMB (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

ASCB (American Society for Cell Biology)



Black Think Tank

Lack of diversity affects the whole structure from students to faculty. To support the community of Black faculty at Duke, I co-founded and serve as director of the Black Think Tank at Duke. The BTT aims to foster an inclusive academic community to support hiring, retention, promotion, and advancement of Black faculty. We are a Provost-sponsored initiative and throughout the years we created an online platform that provides resources, enhances scholarly prominence, fosters connection with Black students and staff, and offers opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration.


Diversity Efforts

It is always an incredible and humbling opportunity to meet, learn from, and support students, trainees, and colleagues. Currently I serve in the Minority Affairs Committee for the ASBMB, act as ABRCMS (Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students) Ambassador for Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, and support several initiatives on campus and beyond to diversify the academic workforce. This is one of the most rewarding and meaningful parts of this job and I am always looking forward to expanding and amplifying voices that are usually not present or heard in this space.

Duke delegation Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS)

Undergraduate students: ABRCMS and SACNAS are incredible research conferences for minority students. Attending these conferences would provide not only an amazing opportunity to present and get feedback on your research but also to network, to watch great lectures by the keynote speakers, to develop your career with a variety of workshops, and to learn about summer, PREP, PhD, MD programs, and more. You are all welcome to stop by our booth and learn more about our programs!

In 2016/17 we celebrated 50 years of Black Faculty Scholars in The Trinity College of Arts & Sciences at Duke University.

We commemorated the achievements and contributions of our Black faculty members and honoring the legacy of Dr. Samuel DuBois Cook, the first African-American professor to hold a faculty appointment at Duke.

Read more at http://trinity.duke.edu/50-years-black-faculty-celebration