Study about CLR functions in CNS autoimmunity has been published!

New study lead by MD-PhD student Elizabeth Deerhake on a CLR, dectin-1, in CNS autoimmuity is now available in BioRxiv. Unexpectedly, Dectin-1 “limits” EAE through a CARD9-independent pathway in myeloid cells secreting OSM, which is then detected by astrocytes.

Read the article "Dectin-1 limits central nervous system autoimmunity through a non-canonical pathway" here:

- Dectin-1 is a protective C-type lectin receptor (CLR) in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) - Dectin-1 promotes expression of Osm, a neuroprotective IL-6 family cytokine, in myeloid cells - OsmR signaling in astrocytes limits EAE progression and promotes remission - Non-canonical Card9-independent signaling drives a distinct Dectin-1-mediated transcriptional program to induce expression of Osm and other factors with protective or anti-inflammatory functions