Our website was created by Sophie Polson and Tyler Goldberger as the final digital project for the Duke University course Digital Durham.


For our final papers, Sophie researched the relationship between widowhood and women’s work in the post-Civil War South. Tyler analyzed black/Jewish relations during the 20th century. We wanted to combine our two interests to present a complete digital site together. We saw that researching the results of the 1951 Durham election, and its causes and effects, would allow us to combine our two broader topics of women in Durham and black/Jewish relations.


This site details the shifting demographics within politics in Durham starting in 1951. During the 1951 election in Durham, the first two women and a Jewish man were elected. Why did this occur? How did Durham finally reach a point where the political scene started to evolve from being solely dominated by white men? Explore this site to find out for yourself!