Sara Payne-Graduate Student


Sara received her B.A. in Biological Sciences and a minor in Spanish and Latin America Cultures from Barnard College. As an undergraduate in the lab of Krista McGuire, her research focused on assessing microbial biodiversity in green roofs and city parks.  Upon graduation, she joined Teresa Bowman’s hematopoietic stem cell lab as a research technician at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Sara developed robust transplantation assays in zebrafish to understand hematopoietic stem cell behavior, dynamic cell-niche interactions, and to test hematopoietic stem cell functional alterations of genetically and chemically manipulated cells. Sara entered the CMB program at Duke and affiliated with Cell Biology. In the Sherwood lab, she is evaluating the process of enwrapment of germ stem cells by the distal tip cell. She enjoys baking, playing soccer, and going on hiking adventures with her dog Josie.