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Anatomy of a cigarette as designed by Dr. Wigand, a tobacco industry insider


Animated and clickable image of a cigarette.

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids


Excellent resource for information relating to tobacco use, adolescents and smoking prevention. Also contains press releases for many news stories regarding the tobacco industry and marketing to teens.

Cell Biology and Cancer. National Institute of Health Curriculum Supplement Series


Curriculum supplement for use in the classroom. Includes various classroom activities related to cancer. Appropriate for grades 9–12.

Mayo Clinic animation of how smoking causes lung cancer


National Cancer Institute


Website with various facts, statistics and latest research relating to cancers related to tobacco products.

National Geographic animation of lung function and carbon dioxide and oxygen air exchange


Animations describing the detailed function of the lungs and air exchange. Includes interactive features as well as excellent graphics of lung structure and function.

National Institute of Drug Abuse for Teens


Contains great activities and information for both students and teachers in all grade levels.

National Institute of Drug Abuse: The Brain: Understanding Neurobiology through the Study of Addiction


Excellent science background and science-based activities for students in grades 9–12.

National Institute of Drug Abuse: Mind over Matter: Nicotine


Science based curriculum developed for grades 5–9.

National Institute of Drug Abuse: The Science of Drug Abuse and Addiction


National Institute of Health: Office of Science Education: Understanding Cancer:


An excellent review on cancer in a comprehensive presentation.

Search for a Safer Cigarette


PBS NOVA program on tobacco industry’s attempt to create a “safer” cigarette.

Smoking in adolescent fact sheet


2004 Surgeon General’s Report: The Health Consequences of Smoking


Excellent resource for information regarding the health effects of smoking as well as a resource for quitting smoking and tobacco products.