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Sergei Gukov: Lectures

April 10, 2019
TITLE: Lagrangian Disks in M-theory


September 12, 2018
TITLE: Nakajima-Yoshioka blow-up formula and VOA

September 12, 2017
TITLE: Topological phases and special holonomy


September 8, 2016
TITLE: Mathematics of fivebranes on smooth 4-manifolds

ABSTRACT: Compactifying fivebranes on coassociative 4-manifolds leads to a class of 2d theories (vertex operator algebras), whose spectrum captures the information about smooth structures. In particular, it contains information about Donaldson invariants and the hope is that it can be strictly stronger. In this talk I will try to focus on mathematical aspects of this problem, and in particular write a new set of flow equations somewhat similar to Ricci-flow equations. From the viewpoint of G_2 geometry, one can think of the invariants in this talk as “local” invariants, associated with a coassociative 4-cycle (no pun intended).