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Victoria Hoskins: Lectures

January 9, 2023
TITLE: Motivic mirror symmetry for Higgs bundles

ABSTRACT: Moduli spaces of Higgs bundles for Langlands dual groups are conjecturally related by a form of mirror symmetry. For SLn and PGLn, Hausel and Thaddeus conjectured a topological mirror symmetry given by an equality of (twisted orbifold) Hodge numbers, which was proven by Groechenig-Wyss-Ziegler and also Maulik-Shen. We lift this to an isomorphism of Voevodsky motives, and thus in particular an equality of (twisted orbifold) rational Chow groups. Our method is based on Maulik and Shen’s approach to the Hausel-Thaddeus conjecture, as well as showing certain motives are abelian, in order to use conservativity of the Betti realisation on abelian motives. This is joint work with Simon Pepin Lehalleur.