Kure Beach

I had a phenomenal experience getting to know my patient. We talked about his life and experiences with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). After having a bone marrow transplant 15 years ago, he has been experiencing many chronic symptoms and effects of the illness. We held many of our calls from his apartment at the beach, a very special place for him and his family. I found out that he was well-versed with computers and had worked on one of the very first electronic health record systems, which I thought was very cool. This project is a mixed media design consisting of four textured panels. They are different views of my patient’s home at the beach at various scales, composed using mapping software. Through this work, I wanted to capture the multidimensional nature of healing when faced with a chronic illness, centered around a location of relaxation and togetherness. The various scales represent how perspectives on illness can appear so differently on a day-to-day scale, versus weeks, months, or even decades.

About the Artist: Harvey Shi

I have been fascinated with visual art since I was a kid. My father, an artist, helped teach me the fundamentals of drawing and 2D design. I started out drawing with paper and pencil. During middle school and high school, I experimented with charcoal on paper and with 3D modeling. In college, I worked on several 3D printing projects and laser-cut wood sculptures. Recently, I have been learning how to do digital painting using a drawing tablet. For me, producing art is a calming and transformative process. I find joy in experimenting with different art media and seeing the myriad interpretations that a piece can evoke. I am excited to see all the wonderful works that my SCOPES peers have produced!