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Our Authors

Audrey Adu-Appiah is a Duke University Senior majoring in English and Political Science. Her academic interests include film, feminism and literature, and Eastern European politics.

Stefan Cafaro is a senior at Duke majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Aerospace Engineering. Next year he will be joining GE Aviation’s Edison Engineering Development Program.  He will be working as an aerospace engineer while pursuing his masters degree in aerospace engineering.

Melissa Dalis is a senior at Duke double majoring in Computer Science and Math and minoring in Economics. Next year she’ll work as a Data Scientist at Square in San Francisco, CA.

Courtney Fehsenfeld is a sophomore at Duke majoring in Visual Media Studies with a minor in Visual Arts. She plans to pursue writing and illustrating children’s books and this summer she will be interning as a graphic designer at Apple in Cupertino, CA.

Jackson Lee is a senior at Duke majoring in Public Policy Studies and minoring in Spanish. He likes to make tea, hike in the mountains, analyze films, and the use of parallel sentence structure.

Leslie Lei is a senior at Duke double majoring in Mathematics and Economics. Next year he’ll learn more Mathematics at Stanford.

Sachin Mitra is a senior from Saratoga, CA who is majoring in Economics, with minors in Computer Science and History.

Jason Novack is Freshman at Duke, from Los Angeles, California. He is majoring in Computer Science and is considering a minor in ECE.

Nonny Scott is a Junior at Duke. Despite being a biology major, she loves science-fiction and tries to read it whenever she has the time!

John Un is a junior double majoring in Philosophy and Literature with a minor in Women’s Studies. He is president of Duke Moot Court, barista at the Duke Coffeehouse, and in his free time plays guitar. His academic interests include Continental Philosophy, Critical Theory, and Anarchism.



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