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Elementary School Programs

Chemistry Outreach Program
The focus of the Duke Chemistry Outreach Program is to share chemistry with the community via chemistry demonstrations and/or hands-on activities staged at a variety of venues including schools, tertiary institutions, libraries, and museums, among others. Each program is tailored to the needs of the individual or individuals requesting a presentation. The presentations are designed to be informative and to provide positive role models of individuals who are interested in and enthusiastic about doing chemistry.
Contact: Ken Lyle kenneth.lyle@duke.edu

CIBL: The Center for Inquiry-Based Learning
CIBL includes a group of scientists and science educators who are developing exercises and training teachers in the use of multidisciplinary, hands-on, minds-on, discovery methods for teaching K-8 science. The goal is to enrich science teaching in schools and to make science more accessible and interesting to a wide range of students of varying skill levels and educational backgrounds.
Contact: Gary Ybarra gary@duke.edu or Dave Smith davesmith@duke.edu

FEMMES:  Females Exceling More in Math, Engineering, and Science
Females Excelling More in  Math, Engineering and Science is an annual, one-day event that provides an exciting, hands-on experience for 4th-6th grade girls. This program provides an engineer/scientist and four interactive activities that are designed and led by Duke female faculty members in order to demonstrate that women can and do excel in these fields.
Contact: FEMMESatDUKE@gmail.com

MUSIC: Math Understanding through Science Integrated with Curriculum
MUSIC is a curriculum enhancement program that focuses on the integration of engineering problem solving with the standard course of study. MUSIC places graduate and undergraduate Teaching Fellows from the Pratt School of Engineering in elementary and middle schools across NC. The Teaching Fellows spend 10 hours per week at their partnership school assisting teachers with the creation and delivery of hands-on activities that provide meaningful contexts in which children apply math and science concepts. This program is part of the Engineering K-PhD Program.
Contact: Gary Ybarra gary@duke.edu

ScienceDays at Duke
ScienceDays is a mentoring program to foster scientific curiosity in elementary school students by engaging them in hands-on learning opportunities beyond the ordinary classroom experience.  The program aims to create a national networks of enthusiastic high school and college mentors who are dedicated to making a difference in their communities through promoting science education.
Contact: duke@sciencedays.org

WOODS:  Wilderness Outdoor Opportunities for Durham Students
Woods is a program run by Duke Students promoting nature and environmental experiental education in the Durham area.  Aspects of ecology, the environment, and basic nature principles are taught through team building exercises, games, and spending time outdoors.
Contact: Katie McKenzie kam105@duke.edu