Keeping the College Dream Alive

Now that you’ve finished School Days, here are some other programs you might enjoy.

Game Plan: College.  This is run by the Emily K Center and provides free information, advice and support designed to help high school students plan for and pursue their educational and career goals beyond high school. Through workshops, advising and special events, students gain the knowledge and skills they need to identify their best-fit college or postsecondary option, and work with a team dedicated to ensuring they have the support they need to achieve the future they envision.

College Q&A:  This program was started by UNC Morehead Cain Scholars who won a national competition with their approach.  It is based around the Remind App and the core of it is providing links between 8th and 9th graders and college students to provide support, advice, and near-peer connection as students consider their options in high school and beyond.  To sign up for CollegeQ&A, click this form.  To contact the CollegeQ&A team, click here.