Apr 21, 2022: I attended the CRA Grad Cohort for Women and presented my poster, NeuroLens: Augmented Reality-based Contextual Guidance for Assisting Neurosurgeons in Ventriculostomyin New Orleans, LA.

Mar 13, 2022: The first paper in my medical AR project, AR-Assisted Surgical Guidance System for Ventriculostomy, was presented virtually at the XR for Healthcare and Wellbeing Workshop, co-located with 2022 IEEE VR. I presented as the first author of the paper.

June 3, 2021: The paper, Embedded Neuromorphic Architecture for Form + Function 4-D Printing of Robotic Materials was presented at 2021 IEEE ICRA conference (virtual). I presented as the first author of the paper.

Jan 25, 2021: I started my Ph.D. journey in the ECE department of Duke University, located in Durham, NC.

Dec 4, 2020: I successfully passed my M.S. Defense, TupperwareEarth: Knowledge-Based Ontological Semantics for the “Internet of Kitchen Things” at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

Aug 21, 2020: I completed the NSF I-Corps LA Cohort (virtual), presenting my business thesis around Smart Tupperware and conducting more than 100 interviews with potential customers in Summer, 2020.

Mar 19, 2019: I presented my first conference paper, Embedding Intelligence into Smart Tupperware Brings Internet of Things Home, at SPE ANTEC 2019 in Detroit, MI.


I’m currently leading medical AR and IoT projects as a primary researcher at Duke University. To learn more about the projects, please read more at the links provided below or contact me at Thank you for visiting my personal website!

AR-Assisted Surgical Guidance System            Environmental-Aware IoT for AR Marker Detection