Final Internship Thoughts

For my last blog post of the summer, I thought that I should recount some of the major projects that I worked on at the CA Tobacco Control Department, state where California stands in terms of policy on e-cigarettes, and of course list some of my great adventures in the Golden State.

Next week is my last week at Tobacco Control. In these next two weeks (and in the months to follow), my office will continue to plan a press conference to release public health documents to the public and a seminar to inform Department of Public Health workers of the dangers associated with e-cigarettes. It still amazes me how little the public knows about the harms associated with e-cigarettes because of the aggressive marketing techniques of the Tobacco Industry.

In my last two weeks I will help prepare documents and talking points, as well as brainstorm answers to potential questions for the press event that is scheduled for the week after I end my internship. I have also been preparing many educational presentations on e-cigarettes and flavored/ menthol tobacco products. Hopefully other agencies will be able to use my PowerPoints to educate others on the harms of tobacco and e-cigarettes!

One of the powerpoint's I created as public education material

One of the powerpoint’s I created as public education material

Finally, an update on my summer in California: the highlight was definitely my backpacking trip to Sequoia National Park in June. I saw two bears in the woods! Luckily they were even more scared of us and left us alone. I also went to the CA State Fair in Sacramento last weekend. Highlight: fried cookie dough. It really was as good as it sounds. I’m hoping to get one more camping trip in for the summer but will be heading to Minnesota and Colorado in the next few weeks, so my summer time at home is sadly dwindling.

I hope my blogs have given everyone a little more insight into the harms of e-cigarettes and the world of tobacco control. My advice to everyone: don’t start smoking! (but you already knew that…)

Epic Backpacking Trip  at 11,000 ft of elevation

Epic Backpacking Trip at 11,000 ft of elevation

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