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Why We Need a National STEM Competition Just for Girls

When I was in the third grade, I invented a refrigerator. It was fancy for the time – it kept an inventory of everything inside, suggested recipes, and (gasp!) connected to the internet so you could order groceries from home. … Continue reading

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My car flooded in NOLA, but it was kind of fun

New Orleans, Louisiana has a unique relationship with water. Lake Ponchartrain borders the city to the north and the Mississippi River presses in underneath. Canals and bayous zig-zag through most neighborhoods. Summer is stiflingly humid. And—as it turns out—North Robertson

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Coal Ash, Water Quality Standards and Solar Bees

My internship with the Sierra Club is winding down now, with only a couple days left. The legislature is still in session, with no end in sight. Since my last post, the Coal Ash bill was debated in the House. … Continue reading

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Healthcare and Innovation

It is unbelievable how fast this summer has gone and how much I have learned at Gallup. In my last post, I gushed over how much I love living in Chicago (still do!). For my second post – and because … Continue reading

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Pacific Northwest Style Homelessness

Greetings from Oregon! My last blog post ended with a statement that I was tasked with interviewing a variety of people that have a stake in addressing homelessness here in Gresham. Since then I have had conversations, meetings, and planning … Continue reading

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Final Internship Thoughts

For my last blog post of the summer, I thought that I should recount some of the major projects that I worked on at the CA Tobacco Control Department, state where California stands in terms of policy on e-cigarettes, and … Continue reading

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From Dirt to Shirt: Cotton as a Case Study in Sustainability

A few weeks ago, Chip Bergh, the CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., urged customers to stop washing their jeans as a way to conserve water in the laundering process. Not surprisingly, Mr. Bergh’s call to action (or, rather, inaction) … Continue reading

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How Norway Has us Beat on Women in Corporate Leadership

In the U.S., we’ve heard the dismal figures on women in corporate leadership positions time and again. Among Fortune 500 companies, women make up less than 5 percent of CEOs. Within boardrooms in these companies, women hold only 17 percent … Continue reading

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