One Week In, and They Haven’t Fired Me Yet

IMG_0361(on the Deputy Director’s balcony in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, with the West Wing in the background)

The past 10 days have been quite turbulent times in the Executive Office of the President, and the Office of Management and Budget hasn’t been spared the excitement. Although I’ve just finished my first full week at the OMB’s Office of Federal Financial Management (OFFM), I’ve already been witness to a big event.

The highlights of my first day on the job were receiving my main summer project and meeting OMB Controller, Acting Deputy Director and Sanford Alum Danny Werfel. Knowing Danny’s track record and rapid ascent at OMB, he was someone I looked forward to observing and getting to know over the summer. However, that opportunity dried up the very next day when Danny told all of us that President Obama and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew tapped him to be acting Commissioner of the IRS.

To be so near someone that involved in the news cycle, and to hear him break the news to his staff was almost surreal. He has quite the task ahead of him, but it speaks volumes of Danny and his abilities that President Obama and Secretary Lew have faith in him to guide the IRS through this trying time. I’m confident that Danny will continue to make all of us at Sanford proud.

As for my summer project, I’m preparing a study on behalf of OFFM and the CFOs’ Council that will be presented to Congress and GAO upon its completion. The study will report on the implementation and costs and benefits to agencies of new requirements enacted by the Improper Payments Recovery and Eliminations Act (IPERA). Because of the interaction with various federal agencies, GAO and Congressional staff, I’m very happy with the assignment.

Although I don’t expect headlines-worthy events to be the norm in our office , I’m very excited by the opportunities and experiences I have ahead of me this summer!


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