It’s A Small World (After All)

After work today, I had this Disney song stuck in my head. Anyone who has worked in D.C. knows how interconnected networks are. One evening your chatting up someone at a happy hour, the next day they show up in a multiagency meeting. Or you go out for a cup of coffee on the weekend and can’t gossip with your friend because you realize half of your office is at the restaurant.

Today I realized yet again how small the working world is. This summer I am interning with the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service at the U.S. Embassy in Rome. (disclaimer: All writing on this blog represents my own beliefs and opinions and in no one reflects that of the U.S. Government). This agency is part of the International Trade Administration and the U.S. Department of Commerce. At FCS, we promote U.S. Exports and investment in America. One of our main services to U.S. Exporters is a “Single Company Promotion” event where we organize a half day briefing at the embassy and invite over 100 Italian business people to connect with and learn about the company at hand. This summer the events happen to be primarily in the area of cybersecurity, which is fortunate for me as my prior work life was in this field.

This week I connected with some company representatives who work with my former boss. I suppose this connection shouldn’t surprise me. My old job was in the government, I’m interning in the government, but since I’m doing something completely different (export promotion rather than IT) and I’m across the Atlantic Ocean, it caught me a little off guard. Ultimately no matter where you go, what you do, your past life finds you again, for good or for bad. In my case, this has definitely been an extremely positive experience, especially since it demonstrates the ease with which I should be able to intertwine my two career interests–public service and business.

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