Student Updates and Testimonials

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Student testimonials about the program:

“It definitely encouraged me, I was inspired by the stories of current med students and doctors as well as empowered by knowing that if you work for your dreams you can reach them.”

“I just want to say that SALUD is one of the best programs that I have attended, I learned so much about the needs of our community. I think the facilities at Duke that we toured were great and all the labs we did, I enjoyed. It was an amazing experience, I truly enjoyed it. The places, people, and even food were so genuine and open with all of us students. The inspiring stories and strong advice given to us definitely opened my eyes to what it takes to work in the healthcare/STEM field, but thanks to this program I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I want to work in the healthcare/STEM field.”

“I really enjoyed it. It was a really good program that showed me all the cool thing I would be exposed to and I think other kids would enjoy it if they had a chance to join. I would sign up again if they would do it again

“I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to get a huge insight on what it takes to get into medical school and what to do to get there. I loved meeting one on one with MDs and learn what their experience was in undergrad and medical school. I loved this because they don’t seem like “super genius I could never get to their level” type doctors, they were very down to earth and encouraging, and it was most inspiring because many were latin@ and representation is really important because it is really encouraging. Also because of this I was inspired to form my own college prep club at my school to help underclassmen know what to expect when applying to college and how to start sooner and build up extracurricular and connections. If another group of students could have and opportunity like this it will really change their life because they meet so many nice and intelligent non-pretentious people who actually want to see you succeed as they did.”

“I really appreciated the time these professionals took out of their busy days to come and speak with us. I also enjoyed meeting the latinx professionals and had the opportunity to discover a passion and interest for research. This is a program that I am thankful to have participated in because through this I was also exposed to people that accomplished their goals and are passionate about addressing health disparities.

“Being a Salud scholar has made me realize that social factors affects health more than we know. For me it made me think how could I help out the community in a positive way and to gain information to tell my peers to be aware of the situation.”

“It’s really opened my eyes to become aware of certain topics I had no idea about.”

“Working with people who look like me and have the same background, has given me confidence in pursuing a career in the medical field and I am not alone.”

“Being at SALUD has made me realize how important representation and communication is an essential part of helping others around me and using medical knowledge for the greater good. It has also made me more confident to pursue medicine even further!”

“At first I wasn’t really aware of all of these topics, most of them I had never heard about, but being part of SALUD really helped me understand different topics that we can face as a Latinx that would help us in our future. Although I had never heard some of the terminology, when they were explained I was able to understand and provide examples of how these things were applied to my life

“It helped me start to accomplish my goal of getting out of my comfort zone and be more confident in myself. It also challenged me to think more about different things that happen in our community and how I can start to make a change.”

“I know how to take care of myself better and throughout these past 6 months I’ve been more comfortable with my heritage and I’ve learned to really embrace it and not be ashamed by it.”

Increase my cultural pride and encouraged me to work with the Latinx community in the future”

“It has helped me become aware of problems that need to be addressed and helped me find my passion for social work.”

I hope to use what I’ve learned and create change within my community to help others in need. This has been an overall great experience that I will always remember once I become a medical professional!”