SALUD SESSION 1: 01/12/19 Cultural Wealth

Yesterday was the first day of SALUD 2019!! It was an incredibly experience. The students involved are so intelligent, thoughtful, and enthusiastic about their futures. It was a humbling and inspiring reminder of why I should always follow my passions. I am really proud of what the SALUD team (Dr. Tony Fuller, Dr. Gaby Nagy, Camilo Toro Restrepo, Ariana Paniagua, Ana Gomez) has put together and so excited for what’s to come. A few updates:

– 1 session down, 11 more to go!
– 4 committed and compassionate undergrad and post-bac mentors to guide our students over the next 6 months.
– 6 team members that have been absolutely remarkable with their dedication, hard work, and excitement. We have put a lot of time and energy into this and yesterday was just the start of bringing this vision to fruition.
– 17 Duke or community sponsors and partners whose support is vital to everything we do
– 25 amazing 11th graders that are way cooler than I’ve ever been
– We’ve also recently been awarded a $25,000 Bass Connections grant to continue working on SALUD for 2019-2020!!!

I feel overwhelmed with joy right now 

Alex Villeda

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