To empower Durham Latinx youth to be catalysts for progressive change on a personal and communal level


To inspire Durham Latinx youth to pursue health-related professions by critically exploring health through a social justice lens

Learning Experiences

Latinxs and Medicine

Learn from Latinx physicians and community leaders about the social determinants of health that affect the Latinx community and the need for a diversified medical landscape. Explore health outcomes through the lens of social justice.


Engage with Duke University Medical School students and organizations. Identify your role models.  Learn how to carve your own path and seek resources and support. Get individualized college planning advice and a head-start on the application process. 

Tours and Hands-On Activities

Tour Duke University, Medical School, and Hospital.  Experience first hand the tools and technology medical students, residents, and physicians utilize

Step Into a Health Professional Student’s Shoes

Interview standardized patients to practice your communication skills and bedside manner. Meet real patients and learn about the ethical choices clinicians make. Learn more about community engagement and resources for the under-served and underrepresented. Develop your reading, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills.