The Student Association for Geospatial Analysis (SAGA) is a graduate student organization for students interested in developing and sharing skills related to geospatial analysis. The mission of SAGA is to provide the graduate students of Duke University with a resource to expand, explore, and build professional skills in the field of Geospatial Analysis.

The term geospatial analysis is all-encompassing, from Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to remote sensing to cartography and field skills. SAGA serves as an organization to inform students about emerging trends and techniques in the world of spatial analysis, and helps develop skills not taught through Nicholas School curricula.

SAGA aims to connect students not only with their peers but also with alumni working in the geospatial analysis field. SAGA serves as a liaison and advocator to the Nicholas School staff and administration. SAGA accomplishes this mission by developing professional skills through seminars, symposia, and speaking events. SAGA helps cultivate professional relationships among students, alumni, and faculty through strong connections and inclusiveness.

Explore the links above for more information about SAGA and our upcoming events, or to contact us via email or Facebook.

Don’t miss GIS Day at Duke, coming up on Friday, November 16th, 2018!