Service Learning

Project Tadpole

Dates: September 2018 – November 2019

Total Hours: 100

Description: Project Tadpole is a student group at Duke that builds and repairs toys for kids with physical and intellectual disabilities

Relation to GC Focus: Toys of today are very technological, involving many embedded systems, and modifying them would definitely imply gaining knowledge that could easily be applied to the more complex interfaces of dedicated computing machines. Some in-progress projects include a giant Lite Brite, and a scooter modified to accommodate children with learning disabilities.

I actually spent a lot of the hours above writing and perfecting an article on Project Tadpole for the 2019 annual edition of the DukEngineer magazine! Check out pg. 28 at this link:

Teaching Assistant

Hours to Date: Over 300, easily

August 2017 – Present

Description: I have helped out the Duke community by acting as a teaching assistant for various classes, including

  • EGR 103: Computational Methods for Engineers
    • Laboratory teaching assistant (Fall 2017 semester)
  • ECE 110: Fundamentals of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Stockroom teaching assistant (Spring 2018 semester)
  • ECE 280: Introduction to Signals and Systems
    • Laboratory teaching assistant (Spring 2018 Semester, Fall 2018 semester)
  • ECE 250: Computer Architecture
    • Recitation leader/grader/holding office hours (Spring 2019 semester, Fall 2019 semester, Spring 2020 semester)
  • ECE 331: Fundamentals of Microelectronic Circuits
    • Laboratory teaching assistant (Fall 2019 semester)
  • ECE 380: Introduction to Random Signals and Noise
    • Grader/ holding office hours (Spring 2019 semester)
  • ECE 590-04: Computer Information Security
    • Grader/holding office hours (Fall 2019 semester)

Relation to the Grand Challenges: As a teaching assistant, you are directly helping to generate the next generation of engineers!