BCL Computing Group Summer Research:

5/7/18 – 8/14/18

At least 30 hr. for 15 weeks -> 450 hrs.

Supervisors: Tami Silbergleit, Dr. Benjamin Lee

Description: During the summer of 2018 I worked with Ph.D. candidate Tami Silbergleit on a project to implement dynamic allocation of metadata for secure memory. My work was to learn to use the SPEC 2017 benchmark suite with the intended purpose of measuring the performance of a modified computer system and then directly port some of these programs to use Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGX) Trusted Execution Environment.

Relation to Grand Challenge Focus: The ever rising popularity of cloud-computing has introduced new cybersecurity issues, namely raising the question “How can we secure our data if we’re providing it to other computers for them to do computations for us?” Intel’s Software Guard Extensions is an attempted answer to this question that directly uses computer hardware, and my experience in porting commercially used benchmark programs to run using this new cybersecurity innovation is clearly an experience in securing cyberspace.


Independent Study Research Courses:

(Spring 2019 Semester, Fall 2019 Semester, Spring 2020 semester)

Total Predicted Hours: At least 300 per independent study course!

I intend to take three independent study classes corresponding to semesters of researching with a Duke professor (my Grand Challenges mentor, Dr. Benjamin Lee).

Spring 2019: Performed extensive literature review of papers on microarchitectural vulnerability, in order to inform future research

Fall 2019: Continued work from summer 2019 towards parameterization of secure memory (see below)

Spring 2020: Continued work from fall 2019, but unfortunately the COVID-19 Crisis occurred in the middle of the semester, which brought a halt to this project. Still able to write a thesis by combining work from Advanced Computer Architecture course with the literature review from Spring 2019!

BCL Computing Group Summer Research:

5/7/19 – 8/14/19

At least 30 hr. for 15 weeks -> 450 hrs.

Supervisors: Dr. Benjamin Lee

Description: During the summer of 2019 I worked directly with lab PI Dr. Benjamin Lee towards the parameterization of secure memory for embedded systems. The first steps of this implied working with the gem5 computer architectural simulator in order to be able run benchmark programs and develop a model for simulating secure memory systems through the gem5 simulator.