Global Experience

My global experiences were to attend international cybersecurity conferences. Clearly, these relate to securing cyberspace because the conferences are on cybersecurity!

ISCA ’19 – Phoenix, AZ, USA

Expected hours: Around 150

This is the premier world conference for computer architecture. I received financial support in order to attend its inaugural uArch Workshop for Undergraduates. I was also exposed to cutting edge research in all aspects of computer architecture.

6/22/19 – 6/26/19

These next two conferences are based in the Middle East and should give an interesting perspective on cybersecurity!

CS4CA MENA 2020 – Dubai, UAE

Attending this conference, whose full name was “Cybersecurity for Critical Assets” was my first opportunity to travel outside of the US! At the conference, I was able to acquire a feel for the current industrial view of cybersecurity with context from current affairs in the Middle East. There was a major emphasis on the concept of “IT/OT convergence” – prospects of Information Technology sharing functionality with Operational Technology (technology used to perform industrial functions).

Hours: 100 hrs

1/17/20 – 1/22/20

Cybertech 2020 – Tel Aviv, Israel

Attending this conference, the premier industrial cybersecurity conference outside of the US, I was able to interact with top figures in both cybersecurity industry as well as international government. Top Israeli governmental and military figures spoke on practical cybersecurity matters in Israel, and through events like a simulation of a cyberattack in an airport I was exposed to how cybersecurity issues are being practically dealt with.

Hours: 100 hrs

1/25/20 – 1/30/20