I am a graduate sV2015112.NortheastAtlantictudent in the Earth and Ocean Sciences Department, in Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment. I work with Dr. Susan Lozier to understand how the shallow limb of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) serves as a conduit for nutrient exchange between the subtropical and subpolar gyres (STG and SPG, respectively).

Most recent work on the AMOC has focused on the exchange of heat and fresh water between the gyres; less attention has been paid to the transport of nutrients. Globally, horizontal nutrient transport is relatively small compared to vertical fluxes across the mixed layer into the euphotic zone. However, in Ekman-downwelling, nutrient limited regions of the world’s oceans (including the STG and the Eastern SPG), horizontal fluxes represent “new” supplies of nutrients, and their impact is amplified. I seek to quantify and understand how physical processes, including the AMOC, move nutrients across the North Atlantic and affect productivity in both gyres.

I am originally from Aptos, CA and hold a B.A. in Earth and Oceanographic Science with a Mathematics minor from Bowdoin College (2014).