RSP Reflections 2012

RSP Reflections 2012
Advice to Future Students

Hi everyone, after having gone through the RSP, this blog post serves to give others some personal advice to future students under the RSP. Personally, I found the fortnightly short seminars very useful, so I would highly recommend making time for them as they cover very useful topics regarding Graduate School, Research Presentation skills, and […]

Advice for Future Students: Sam Butensky

When I first started doing research, I knew about as much as one can know from High School AP Chemistry, Biology, and Physics labs.  What I learned helped, but was minor in comparison to what I was doing in a full-time research lab.  One piece of advice for future students who are interested in research […]

Advice for future students: Allison Shen

The best advice I can give to future RSP students is to ask questions! You may feel like you are annoying your mentor or the other people in your lab, but in my experience it is far better to ask what you feel is a stupid question than to proceed without understanding what you are […]

Advice to Future Students: Madeline Lyons

My number one piece of advice to students seeking research experience would be to carefully consider what type of research they want to engage in. As I have learned over the past three years, different labs and mentors have very different styles of working and some have worked better than others for me. The most […]

Advice to Future Students: Whitney Hansen

The best advice I have for other students is to take advantage of every opportunity they have to gain exposure to a variety of different areas, even if they are only slightly interested. Not only will this help them become well-rounded people, but it might also expose them to undiscovered passions. This is the best […]

Future Research Goals: Whitney Hansen

The exposure to research that I have gained this semester through the Research Scholars Program has been invaluable. Through this experience I have learned not only how a lab functions, but also how the research process evolves and makes a real impact on society. I will be continuing to participate in scientific research this summer […]

Future Research Goals

After doing research in the Matsunami Lab for this past semester, I have decided that I definitely would like to continue with research in the future. I look forward to working with people who are not only very well versed in their field, but are also equally willing and eager to work with undergraduates. I […]

Future Research Goals: Aditi Sabhlok

Hi guys! In terms of my future goals, I definitely plan to continue with laboratory research. Although this semseter, through RSP, I got placed into an Evolutionary Biology lab, I hope to conduct research in either neuroscience, cancer biology or genetics, or (ideally) in an area that combines two or three of these areas. I […]

Future Research: Emily Lim

Every week, I look forward to going to lab because I enjoy interacting with the people in my lab who are knowledgeable as well as incredibly hilarious. This experience has made me consider working in this lab again next school year during the fall if I can find time in my schedule. For the summer, […]

Future Research Goals: Sam Butensky

Doing research in the Kontos lab this past semester has been an amazing experience for me.  I continue to learn as I delve further into my research which studies how Ang-2 activates Tie1 through a Tie2 kinase-independent pathway.  I have also enjoyed working with the other members of the lab and continue to be fascinated […]