Registration begins at 8:30 AM and ends promptly at 9:15 AM. Students that arrive after 9:15 AM will not be guaranteed entrance, therefore it is suggested to arrive early. The entrance for registration will be located at the front entrance of Gross hall next to Towerview road (depicted in the map below).


Student pick-up and drop-off:

Attached is a Duke map that includes the registration table location, two drop-off sites, and the pick-up site. The first student drop-off location is for parents who want to walk their kids to the registration table. This drop-off site is simply in the Bryan Center Parking garage and they can park on the bottom floor and follow the trail shown in the map (the garage is only free within the first 15 minutes of parking). The second drop-off location is on Towerview Rd (circled in Blue on the map). Finally, the pick-up location is at the Bryan Center off of Science Drive (circled in Black on the map).