DiVE into Alcohol

DiVE into Alcohol
A resource for high school and college chemistry and biology teachers and their students.Created by students at Duke University under the guidance of Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom and Rachael Brady.

» “DiVE into Alcohol” A Virtual Experience in Chemistry & Biology

This web-based interactive 3D virtual experience will help students learn how alcohol gets absorbed into the body and chemically changed into a toxic substance. Developed using virtual reality software that runs the Duke immersive Virtual Environment (DiVE) , the program is completely interactive for use online by the general public, including high school chemistry & biology, and college chemistry, biology, biochemistry, & organic chemistry.

Travel into the avatar’s body to follow alcohol molecules through the gastrointestinal tract to the liver. There, you can control the chemical reaction called oxidation, moving molecules in 3D space to generate a toxic metabolite. Finally, learn how genetics changes everything! It’s the next best thing to “being there”.

DiVE into Alcohol Online: To use the virtual reality program online first READ the keyboard instruction page then click START. A virtual reality plug-in will download automatically (free) the first time. [NOTE:  the plug-in may no longer be available for download from 3DVIA].  After a 1-2 minute delay for loading, the program will launch a short keyboard navigation exercise. You MUST complete the exercise to proceed.

DiVE Into Alcohol Tutorial: A tutorial to supplement the online virtual reality program includes learning objectives, biology and chemistry content, lab activity, assessment questions, and connections to the National Science Education Standards.

DiVE into Alcohol-The MovieTo see what it’s like to be inside the actual DiVE using the program, watch the short movie.  You will see 2 people inside the DiVE interacting with the immersive environment.

“DiVE into Alcohol” is developed with funding from the Duke Center for Instructional Technology and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)