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Welcome to The Alcohol Pharmacology Education Partnership (APEP)

A partnership among Duke University Medical Center, North Carolina School of Science & Mathematics, and biology & chemistry teachers across the US has developed a free online resource that aligns with the National Science Education Standards for all high school chemistry and biology teachers and their students.

» The Alcohol Pharmacology Education Partnership (APEP)

APEP is an online resource that provides standards-based inquiry teaching materials and activities. The APEP modules provide teachers with tools to teach basic biology & chemistry concepts using alcohol pharmacology topics of interest to high school students. The modules and activities can be accessed below.

» Using APEP Improves Student Performance in Biology & Chemistry

In a national study, over 14,000 high school students participated in a year of field-testing the APEP modules. The more modules they used the better they scored. There was a 29% improvement in their biology and chemistry scores.
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Developed with funding from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)