Round 4 Results

The IgG4 (fourth round) of RheumMadness is complete!

To see how your bracket is doing, head over to the RheumMadness Tourneytopia website.

Results for reach matchup in the second round are reviewed below, including how the  Blue Ribbon Panel (BRP) voted compared to participant picks.

Match-up 1: Etanercept for RA defeats Abs Before SLE (6-1)

The winner of the TNF Takedown didn’t need any Ab workouts to move on to the next round, with Etanercept for RA defeating Abs Before SLE in a 6-1 blowout per the BRP.

Here’s what the BRP had to say in support of Etanercept for RA:

  • “Etanercept for RA punches its ticket to the Championship game by transforming the lives of so many patients, and making Rheumatology so rewarding to practice.”
  • “Etanercept for RA paved way for age of biologic therapy in rheumatology. Abs before SLE provides important clues about SLE pathogenesis but hasn’t led to major breakthrough about disease causality that has led to direct therapeutic advancement.”

The lone supporter of Abs Before SLE said this: “Seminal study that defines the beauty of autoantibodies.”

Participants were much more split than the BRP, though Etanercept for RA did receive the most participant picks to win this round.  Here’s the breakdown of which team participants thought would win this round:

  • Etanercept for RA: 20%
  • Abs Before SLE: 18%
  • TICORA: 15%
  • TEAR Triple Rx: 10%
  • Infliximab for RA: 9%
  • Etanercept + MTX: 8%
  • Pathogenic ANCA: 6%
  • MSU & NLRP3: 5%
  • BeSt: 4%
  • Clonal Selection: 4%
  • CCP & Enolase: 1%

Match-up 2: Cortisone defeats RAVE (7-0)

Cortisone continues behaving just the way it does in the immune system: defeating everything. It won this round in a blowout, defeating RAVE 7-0. Here’s what the BRP had to say about this match-up:

  • “Cortisone started it all. We hate and love them (note that I mention hate first), but who says an All-Star can’t be polarizing?”
  • “Cortisone’s all-star duo of transforming treatment and clarifying the biochemical mechanism of RA were too much for even the impressive RAVE squad.”
  • “RAVE was a great study but it’s applicable only to a small subset of patients within the field. Cortisone is for everyone.”
  • “The OG med.”

Did they get it right? The VAST majority of participants picked cortisone as well.  Here’s the breakdown of participant picks for this round:

  • Cortisone: 51%
  • RAVE: 17%
  • LUMINA: 8%
  • HAQ: 6%
  • ULT During Flare: 5%
  • HCQ Withdrawal: 4%
  • ALMS Trial: 4%
  • CYC in Scleroderma: 2%
  • Origin of RA: 2%
  • Origin of sJIA: 1%
  • CYC for PAN: 1%

What’s next?

We will release the results of the Interleukin-2 (the championship) on Monday, April 3.

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