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COVID-19: A Test That Will Lead to Change. A Conversation with David Nabarro

What international diplomacy needs to counter the threat of COVID-19 is a focus on establishing unified responses, according to Dr. David Nabarro, a special envoy to the W.H.O. director-general on COVID-19 who spoke at a Duke virtual event May 28. Competition between national leaders won’t empower people to find their way through this situation, Dr. David Nabarro said. But, he added, “some leaders seem to have decided that it is best to try to go it alone.”

Nabarro was speaking to Duke Center for International and Global Studies (DUCIGS) Director Giovanni Zanalda, Professor of Global Environmental Health William Pan, and Rethinking Diplomacy Fellow Christian Lara during a conversation on balancing national unity and global solidarity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read more of the story on Duke Today.

David Nabarro: Balancing National Unity and Global Solidarity_Highlights
David Nabarro: Balancing National Unity and Global Solidarity_Full Webinar

This webinar is part of the Rethinking Diplomacy Program(link is external) “Science-Diplomacy Seminar Series” (highlights of the first event) organized by DUCIGS with the support of the Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation Endowment Fund.