Writing for the Clinical Research Setting

This page collects a series of recorded webinars originally offered in the fall of 2014 as part of the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network’s (PCORnet) “Office Hours” program.

The webinar series is presented by Jonathan McCall, MS, Managing Editor for Rethinking Clinical Trials and a senior science writer and editor for the Duke ClinicPCORnetal Research Institute. Each presentation provides a practical introduction to a particular facet of writing for the clinical research environment. Individual sessions are available as streaming video below. Also included for each presentation is a PDF providing additional bibliographic resources and links for further reading.

Presentations are made available by kind permission of PCORnet and with special thanks to Rebecca Wilgus and Gloria Carter of the Duke Clinical Research Institute for their invaluable assistance in producing these webinars.

Writing for the Clinical Research Setting

Writing Peer-Reviewed Research Articles

Discusses the structure and features of research articles, the writing process, submission and peer review, and the responsibilities of authorship.

Resource PDF: Writing peer-reviewed research articles

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Organizing and Writing Your White Paper

Examines the nature and structure of white papers and provides tips on organizing and writing an effective white paper.

Resource PDF: Organizing and writing your white paper

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Writing Guidance Documents

Provides an overview of guidance documents and examines their structure and function; discusses the elements that go into making an effective guidance document.

Resource PDF: Writing guidance documents

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Managing the Process of Writing & Publication: Practical Tips & Tricks of the Trade

Discusses how to manage collaborative writing processes, including authorship issues; manuscript draft and version control; references, copyright, and disclosures; selecting a journal for submission; preparing manuscripts for submission; responding to peer review; and archiving with PubMed Central.

Resource PDF: Practical tips

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