Fishing by Eva Hong

huh ha huh ha huh ha

“The water is fickle”
the fishermen said.

Funny how
we can die in something that gives us sustenance

The fishermen bait
before showing their claw

Funny how
it’s not considered a crime
when you bait and kill other species

“The sea of impunity”

But they heard that
in richer parts onshore
people feed the fish,
delight in seeing their beauty and greed,
and benevolently leave them alone.

They think the fish like biscuits.

huh ha huh ha huh ha

The water is unruly
so men try to rule it by drawing boundaries.

More unfortunate than fish,
men in salty water
is a prolonged life
speeded death.

The sea is a strange mobile grave.
The tomb can reside anywhere –
the foam
the shrimps
the crabs
the fish.

“The coldness of water and government have made us hard like rocks.”
The fishermen said.

Their boats drove by swiftly,
disturbing the whole world.

So come,
drown in this water
that is at least warmer
than human indifference.
And more of an unwilling killer
than those who immediately start picking their teeth
after a delicious seafood feast.

For what?
Maybe a picture beside the fish they just fished.