Works-in-Progress Schedule of Presentations

  • 9:30: introductions
  • 9:45: Alex Morelli “Becoming”

10:15-11:30: “Archives and collections”

  • Tye Landels-Gruenewald “The Legislative Origins of the British Slave Trade Archive, 1787-1789”
  • Jane Harwell: “‘Never Naturalist shall view’: Empiricism, Imperialism, and Captivity in Charlotte Smith’s ‘To the fire-fly of Jamaica, seen in a Collection’”
  • Anya Lewis-Meeks: “Y’all Remember How Deep it Go? Mythohistory, Collective Memory and Collaboration in Rivers Solomon’s The Deep”
  • 11:30: Samia Noor: “Documenting the Venezuelan Migration Crisis”
  • 1-1:30: “Linguistic Landscapes of Durham”
  • 1:30-2: Vivien Rendleman, “Indigeneity and Immigration”
2-3: “Caribbean Resonances”
  • Kelsey Desir “Literary Diaspora-Making: Narratives of Haitian Legacies”
  • Isabel Bradley “Telling Impossible Stories: Narrative Detours, Vodou’s Archive and the Middle Passage”
  • 3-4: Remembering the Middle Passage Project

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