Representing Migration Humanities Lab Fellowship Application 2019-2020

We are delighted to announce that the REPRESENTING MIGRATION HUMANITIES LAB will be offering  SIX FELLOWSHIPS in 2019-2020!

Come be a part of an exciting community at Duke exploring the art and politics of migration, from humans and animals to plants and microorganisms.

Taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity will enable you to:
• Acquire and/or practice research and teaching skills (archival, digital, administrative, collaborative) that you may not be using in your regular coursework or dissertation process
• Work closely and enjoy stimulating conversation with Duke faculty and graduate and undergraduate students outside of a traditional classroom setting

Who is eligible?
• Graduate students at any stage working on a migration-related project in the humanities
• Motivated undergraduates with a clear project related to migration.

How to Apply:
• In a document:
o Describe the project that you imagine yourself working on over the 2019-20 academic year. The more specific you can be about the labor entailed in the project and the imagined outcome the better, but please limit yourself to ~300 words. Outcomes do not need to be in the traditional form of research papers but can include syllabi, databases, digital projects, or other outcomes.
o We encourage projects related to the lab’s Bass Connection team (, but other projects will also be considered. In the event that the projects are related, the fellow will be expected to participate in the Bass Connections team’s work.
• Email application to Professor Charlotte Sussman (
• Applications are due 9/6/19. Decisions will be made by 9/23/19.

• Fellows will receive a one-time $1,000 fellowship payment after the completion of the terms of the fellowship, and up to $150 in reimbursement for relevant books and materials.
Obligations for Fellows:
• Present at the lab’s works-in-progress event early in spring semester 2020.
• Deliver a conference-length paper related to your project in April 2020 at a Fellows Symposium.
• Attend the RMHL’s monthly reading group.
• Attend an orientation session in September 2019.
• Undergraduate fellows will also be required to attend three additional mentoring sessions each semester.
• Undergraduate fellows will also be required to attend and write summaries of a migration-related event on campus (reading group, talk, author visit, film screening, etc. three times per semester (6/year) for possible publication on the lab’s website.

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